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We are two friends - Monika & Zee who decided to empower our proficiencies to help people from all around the world. Our dedication to graphic design let us enhance confidence for small businesses and encourage them to improve their brand.

Besides uncountable hours of working we are unstoppable dreamers, always looking for inspiration in travels, books, podcasts and other people. Having so many ways to express ourselves we are trying to manage and find the balance in between.

Our goal is to be sensible enough of your visions and embody them into trustful, engaging business look.

We believe in the design as a powerful business growing tool which is inspired by passion and based on quality.


Monika Kodė

Founder + Identity Designer

From a very early age, I was dreaming about being an artist. Later on, I’ve found Photoshop (big thanks to YouTube) and a digital art as a consistent way to express myself. So, for my undergraduate studies I chose Multimedia which gave enough of technical knowledge and allowed me to try different media forms so I could develop artworks.

Even though, after graduation, I felt miserable about my future and career. Fortunately, Zee asked me to join her to help creative people improve their brand. This is how I found myself as a logo designer and branding specialist.

And the most amazing thing now is to have a chance to fulfill a life sharing my talents in order to carry others through on their way to success. So here I am to give your growing business a fresh, reflective face.


Živilė (Zee) Subačienė

Founder + Brand and Web Designer

Being a multimedia design student at university in Lithuania, an exchange student in Malaysia and a web design intern in Italy gave me the fundamentals of graphic design and web development. After graduating, I knew I needed a better understanding of online marketing to serve my clients with excellence. So I took B-School - a business and marketing training program by Marie Forleo.

That’s how I found my mission - to help entrepreneurs take their small business to the next level by listening to their needs and creating a brand personality that reaches their ideal clients.

While I’m passionate to make our client’s dreams a reality, I’m also a lover of early morning hikes, non-fiction books, and delicious Sunday pancakes!

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