Agne's Bread (Agnės Duonelė)

Agnės Duonelė is a small family business that sells homemade whole grain bread to people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Agnė is a women who bakes this amazingly delicious bread using her mother's unique recipe, so the name of the brand Agnės Duonelė simply means Agne's Bread. 

Logo ReDesign

After research was made, it became clear that new logo design and branding should be more bright, feminine and friendly.
Hand-drawn rectangle represents the shape of Agnė's bread loaf, the letters "A" and "D" stands for AGNĖS DUONELĖ name and initials of the family. Organic lines were chosen to represent friendliness, family, warmth and simplicity. Also, a flower represents flax seeds - the ingredient of Agnė's bread.


For the branding part colors, fonts and graphic elements were chosen to meet style of the logo. This helped to be consistent on business cards, labels, flyers and social media style.


I fell in love with my new logo immediately. And I know why – from the minute we started working together, Lofty Dreamers paid a lot of attention to understand our expectations, to learn about our customers, our uniqueness and style. That's why we needed only a few revisions before we approved the final designs.

I truly recommend these young, ambitious, very diligent and responsible designers for everyone!

– Agne Dzeranova, Agne’s Bread (logo design, branding)

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