Wondering if our style matches your vision? Take a look at what we’ve created so far.

Žydrė High Heels Dance (Logo Design & Branding)
Dance studio founded by passionate dance teacher who's excited to help women improve their body shapes, flexibility and enhance self-confidence.

Lumos (Logo Design & Branding)
Lumos is a French language studio that offers French lessons for children and adults, summer camps, trips to France, art therapy and more.

SUVIO (Logo Design & Branding)
Logo and branding was created for this handcrafted home decor & accessories brand. SUVIO makes crocheted storage baskets and custom design requests.

Keraira (Logo Design, Branding & Website)
It's a small massage therapy studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. We redesigned an old logo, defined branding and created a website for this brand.

The Pregnancy Coaching Co. (Logo Design & Branding)
Leading independent provider of high quality antenatal courses in the South UK. Their customers are young pregnant women.

Agne's Bread (Logo Design & Branding)
Small family business that sells homemade whole grain bread to people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Silvia Balloons (Logo Design, Branding & Website)
Hot air balloon business. Its founder Silvia pilots these marvelous flying machines and shares an unforgettable experience

Beyond 7 Seas (Logo Design & Branding)
Sports community that unites healthy and conscious living people. Founders of this community inspire people to do sports, eat healthy and stay positive.

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